Sonic-Heritage.Org is a site we hope will contribute to a growing discussion about how humans around the globe record, collect, and share music and other sound archives. Here we will foster dynamic, user-driven media exchange, forum-based discussions, and an article-style blog that will facilitate a space for interdisciplinary dialogue about (as well as problematize the many definitions of) intangible cultural heritage, preservation, and shared access.

Jaipur’s Music Man – Amer, India – photo by Sam W. Stearman

We envision sonic-heritage.org as an approachable space, one that encourages a diverse and present conversation about sound archives that can be readily heard, seen, and added to. As we develop this website we will share information about where and how to participate.

For more information on how you can contribute right now, visit our forums or contact us. You can also follow us on twitter.